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Terms & Conditions of Furniture or Accessories

1. Our expert fitter will measure the area to be fitted & check sub-floor quality where possible. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CUSTOMERS OWN MEASUREMENTS.
2. If the door(s) can not clear the threshold sufficiently after new floors are fitted, we can arrange re-sizing of the door at an extra cost.
3. If the sub-floor is not of sufficient standard to fit the new flooring over, you will be adviseds of necessary works to be carried out by the fitter at an extra cost. THIS WILL DELAY THE FITTING. Any works NOT carried out by ourselves MUST again be checked by the fitter for quality prior to fitting.
4. The area that is being fitted needs to be cleared of ALL furniture, old flooring will need to be removed and sub-floor cleaned of dirt and dust. THIS IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER. Where this is not possible, it can be arranged to be done by our fitters at an extra cost and must be requested at time of booking, requests on the day of fitting will not be entertained and will result in the fitting being cancelled until this work is carried out.
5. Fitters WILL NOT REMOVE any electrical or plumbed appliances. If flooring is to be fitted under these appliances you must have them removed prior to fitting. it is your responsibility to re-install when fitting is complete.
6. Internet, alarm or phone cables will be left visible and WILL NOT be ran under flooring or pinned back to the skirting or the scotia to avoid causing damage to both the flooring and cables. We will NOT be held responsible for the accidental cutting of hidden wires that are ran under carpet when it is being removed, It is your responsibiltiy to make our fitters aware prior to them removing the carpet.
7. Full payment MUST be made before floors are fitted.
8. No goods will be taken back unless agreed by Management.
9. NO CASH REFUNDS, refunds will be submitted by bank transfer within 10 working days.
10. A restocking charge of 30% will be applied where the item was ordered specially and is NOT normally kept in stock.
11. DEPOSITS WILL BE FORFEITED AFTER 30 DAYS. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
12. The Company gives no warranty in respect of grain variations or defects and all goods are sold subject to the manufacturers guarantee and conditions. In these cases, a manufacturers Representative will be contacted and a complaint lodged with them.
13. Orders accepted and promises of delivery given are conditional upon our being able to secure the necessary labour and materials and we are absolved from responsibility for delays arising through risks and uncertainty of maufacture, strikes, accidents or other causes beyond our control.
14. Claims for damaged or incorrect materials will not be accepted unless made within 24 hours of purchase or delivery with a purchase receipt and, where possible, photographic evidence of the issue.
15. Items may NOT be cancelled from any order if the items have been shipped or recieved into stock (see point 8). If stock flooring is bought, it is cut on the day of purchase and can NOT be refunded if cancelled under any circumstances.
16. It is advised that a sufficient quantity of material should be purchased at any one time, no guarantee can be given taht an item will remain in stock.
17. NO persons are to be present in the home at the time of fitting where possible. Where not possible, the area to be fitted MUST be unoccupied or homeowner to wear a mask and maintain a 2 metre distance at all times in keeping with Covid19 guidelines.
18. Management reserve the right to refuse service.
19. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory or common law rights and do not affect your rights under the Sales of Goods Act, 1893 as amended.

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